Visit to Art Museum

Admission to the Portland Art Museum is free for PNCA students, so I took a visit last week. Their collection has a little bit of all the main categories of art from a range of time periods.

The El Greco exhibit which was advertised in a giant banner on the front facade. I was surprised at first to find the exhibit was just one painting, displayed in a room that was curtained on three sides to make it into a much smaller space.

I read the accompanying signs and thought about El Greco's life. Born on a Greek island, trained and spent his early adulthood in Italy. Didn't hit it big until his 30s, it seems, when he moved to Spain. His style and skills were more of a rarity there than they were in Italy and so in more demand. 

The Northwest gallery section had a room of Mt. Hood and Columbia River paintings. I sat down in front of one of them to do this drawing with watercolor pencils (original by Albert Bierstadt). Drawing in public, I'm always halfway aware of the passersby who look curiously over my shoulder. At times I feel a little like a performer. At the very least, it keeps me aware that I'm out in public so I try to limit mumbling to myself or pulling funny faces as I work.

Also in the PNW Gallery- a ceramic Pelican by Blue Kee and some Iranian manuscript illuminations from 1480.