Inktober Kicks Off with a Look at My Messy Studio

And when I say "studio", I really mean "side table and folding chair I have comandeered and set up in the living room". The side table is so low I can't even fit my knees under it and when I hunch over it I get a backache worse than a medieval illuminator. So far this has been fixed by adding a wooden box, a pane of glass for tilting, and turning my seat to the right. Below is the shameful setup that actually has me quite pleased.

The rooster on the window is Sant Hubert (said with a French accent), patron saint of chickens (no, not really). Got him in Quebec. Perfectly appropriate for a hen like myself. Sant Hubert, pray for us!

My drawing materials are pretty simple, read cheap. Which suits me just fine. The more precious I get about expensive materials, the more intimidated I am to experiment with my art. My top tools for comics making are:

  •  black and white ink
  • separate brushes and nibs for each ink color
  • blue lead mechanical pencil with eraser
  • bristol board
  • t-square ruler and Ames hand lettering guide
  • cup of water for cleaning nibs
  • cup of tea for drinking (and NOT for cleaning nibs)

I am left handed! Hence all my materials are on the left. And when I turn my chair to the right, I can rest my drawing arm on my work. Custom fit.

Finally, since it is the start of October, many artists will be focusing on ink work for this month. Take it as an excuse to try new things and sharpen old skills. Today I've been happily drawing and inking 5 comic pages. My hand hurts now, is the only reason I've gotten away from the "studio" and sat on the computer to type. Here's a taste of what I've got. 

I'd like to make more posts about inking and the comic making process. Things I know about and spend a lot of time thinking over. Maybe with enough written material I can post regular blog entries on this website. Would you like that? Check back in a week or so!