Oregon Zoo

The zoo was free on Valentine's Day last month. I grabbed my sketchbook for some life drawing. The key was to draw quick and loose in order to 1: stick to the main shapes and 2: not take too long and bore the person I was with.

Lions are always crowdpleasers. This guy was resting on a rock with his family as we humans crowded at the fence for a better view. He can look majestic without even trying. 

The cafeteria had a glass wall overlooking the indoor bird sanctuary. This Turcao perched on a branch right by our table and stayed the whole time. 

This zoo visit was nothing if not a total flashback to The Lion King. This Southern Ground Hornbill made me think of the character Zazu, though I later discovered the character was a red billed hornbill. It didn't stop me from humming "Just Can't Wait to be King".