Moving Prep means Sewing

Our official moving day is July 10. We will take only what we can fit in the car and drive from Oregon to New York.

I need to reduce my fabric collection and have been sewing Doctor Who pillows. This week its Tom Baker, the Fourth Doctor. He takes longer to do because of the scarf. I use thin needles, making the scarf just 9 stitches wide and about 4 feet long.  They'll be for sale on my Etsy shop. 

The SCBWI conference last weekend was very eventful. I showed my portfolio and gasped at the artwork of others. Got some great feedback on my Pizza dummy. Now I have a pile of business cards from many talented illustrators. To keep them straight I glued them into a little notebook. That's better than a rolodex. Who uses rolodexes anymore, anyway? 

The conference also inspired me to get postcards printed, finally. While I wait for them to arrive, I'm searching through books for publisher's addresses. Once the cards arrive, boom, I'll have a mailing list handy and can just add the addresses with a note, and send them out. Other people I met at the conference mentioned that postcards are how they got their first jobs.