Sketchbook - Cross Country Trip

The month of July saw us travelling over 3,000 miles across 11 states. These watercolors were done in the car with a little travel set on my lap. To pass the time we listened to the original Frankenstein and one Weird Al’s Greatest Hits CD. Kind of a strange combination, but if you know me, its kind of not that strange.

7-10 oregon 1.jpg
7-10 east oregon 2.jpg

Along the way we visited the World Center for Birds of Prey in Boise, Idaho. Actually it was outside Boise in the middle of nowhere. All your favorites were there, from eagles, hawks, and yes, even owls. Funny story- from head on, eagles wear that exact expression in the drawing. Their brow ridges are just shaped that way.

7-11 idaho birds 2.jpg

Finally in Iowa we encountered the first cardinal. This red bird only lives in the eastern part of the country, so we really missed seeing them Out West. This guy was hanging out in West Branch, Herbert Hoover’s hometown. Yay bird.

The day before coming to Rochester, we visited Niagara Falls, about an hour and a half west. That's where the above drawing is from. The American Falls side is smaller than the Canadian side, but still breathtaking. Around 7am the sun and mist created a rainbow within the falls. At first I thought it was a rare happening, but thinking about it I guess it must happen pretty regularly. Doesn't make it any less beautiful.

This week I’ve been unpacking and arranging the new apartment. So far I’ve seen a lot of the University of Rochester campus but little of the city itself. We walked around the Neighborhood of the Arts (NOTA) and saw some neat sculpture work around the music school.

Now I'm looking to start a career in the Flour City. My skillset points me to a position as a graphic designer, illustrator, or office administrator. I'm looking forward to meeting artists in the area and becoming involved in the comics scene. My next big project is to put together a booklet with samples of my comics for publishers.