Sketchbook - More travel art

In the middle of the trip, there happened to be a lot of downtime in Illinois as we visited 3 cities catching up with friends and family. 

The old post office in Urbana is now the Independent Media Center, a community center home to various nonprofit offices, including Books to Prisoners in the basement. My friend Lisa volunteers by sorting the books. Here's part of the workspace.

Downtime means idle sketching. My yellow bookbag.

During the drive through the western states, there was always a hotel room available- we never needed a reservation. Imagine our surprise when we got past Cleveland, into the Great Lakes area, and found everything was booked solid. I had forgotten about the tourist season! So we drove through the night- what else? At one point we stopped at a parking lot for a quick nap. Definitely the low point of the trip. We were two disheveled chickens that night.

Lastly, Niagara Falls is home to some seagulls.

Thanks for checking out my drawings. I post a drawing a day on my Tumblr so be sure to check it out for more of my work.