Work in Progress- New York Comic

Inspired by personal narrative comics I've seen on the Nib and other places, I am working on a small comic about my very first visit to New York City. 

The original plan was to let the story's "look" follow Guy Delisle's sensibilities on his travelogues Jerusalem and Burma Chronicles, both of which I have been reading recently. I love his ability to use very simple lines that contain just enough information to capture the feel of a place.

Also- and this is important- he lets his linework keep that organic look.  I'm talking about how no lines are perfectly ruler-straight, and because its consistent throughout the work, you accept it. Details in crowd scenes and architecture are merely suggestions, but they are enough. This is key for me since I tend to overdo it with "perfect" architecture and too many details.

Right. I say that was the original plan for my work. But somewhere in the middle of my drawing I sort of forgot what I was doing and let my own habits take over. For example, I wanted to stay away from crosshatching but it just slipped into a few panels. You can decide how effective the end result is when I publish it later in the week. I figure if I can take elements from another artist's style and incorporate it into my repertoire, make it my own, then I'm golden.

Image swiped from Amazon

You wanna talk travel comics, that genre is quickly becoming my favorite. With some books its like you are right there with the artist, visiting some far off place. Here's a few titles to get you started, if you're interested:

Canet de Voyage- Craig Thompson- Morocco and Europe

How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less- Sarah Glidden- Israel

Pyongyang- Guy Delisle- North Korea

Grand Adventure- Lucy Bellwood- Grand Canyon (the inspiration for my Utah comic!)

Those are the favorites that come to mind. I look forward to discovering more.