Let’s talk about yetis

Today I wanted to share a little about character design. The assignment was to design a Yeti.

Now, at first I was a little worried. A Yeti is basically like Bigfoot with white hair, right? How much variation can there be? Well, lots. I started by doing a Google image search for “Bigfoot” for initial inspiration. It led me to searching for photos of gorillas and in no time I was back in anthropology class. A few first passes I showed the client:

The version A was really inspired by the initial Bigfoot and gorilla ideas I had, and I bet it shows, haha! I also tried giving different poses and playing with shapes a little. My favorite of these was C because I was actually thinking about silkie and brahma chickens when I designed him! Those are the birds with feathers on their feet and very fluffy bodies.

So I got a response from the client along with a few suggestions. He wanted to see some variations for B’s face. So I did a semi-final inks version showing the two along with some color choices thrown down:

Again, I’m labeling the versions so they’re easier to talk about. As a side note, see how light the body color is against the white background? When coloring in the solid mass of the body, I found it easier to work with a brighter color:

That way, I could make sure I was filling in all the tiny spaces of the tips of the hair. But at one point I had to step back and laugh at how it looked!

A few more corrections and tweaks and Yeti was ready to walk the snowy wastelands:

I’m particularly proud of the way I added highlight “V”s to the shadowy parts of is leg. That’s some outside the box thinking for me right there.

Commissions are open if you are interested: juliahut6(at)gmail.com

Thanks for reading!