Harlequin Costume Design Process

More character design, this time for a harlequin! This assignment was also pretty wide open, just that the character needed to be from roughly that 19th century Italian style, and wearing a creepy mask. I came up with a variety of poses, outfits, and mask types. I was looking at a lot of Venetian masks. My this point, I’ve been working with the client for several months, and involved in many conversations. I believe I have a good feel for the type of look he wants for his project. Nonetheless, I enjoy throwing in one or two extra design options just so he can consider a wider range of styles.

Again, I’m labeling the options, so the client can easily write back and say “let’s see option A with the shoes of option C”. Which makes things very clear, and I know exactly what changes to make. I come back with some color options plus I offer to do a few headdress options, based on our email conversations.

Here I was surprised at the client’s color choice- I included the red/black/white option just as an extra off-chance thing. I expected one of the brighter options to be chosen. As I worked on the final piece, I changed my mind and decided the red/black/white fit in best because the character is supposed to be creepy. I could see this guy on a Venetian street, beckoning you to follow him down a dark alley. Augh!

This was one of the more labor intensive commissions, and I am especially proud how it came out.