Etsy Shop Open and New Jersey Comic Con Wrap Up

Just added new prints, stickers, and Holiday Cards to my Etsy shop. Also did a photoshoot of my Doctor Who pillows and replaced the images already on Etsy's listings:

In preparation for New Jersey Comic Expo this past weekend, I had a lot of new product printed. This was my first time tabling in years, so I had a lot of catching up to do. The con was at a large expo hall, and included all your standard trappings like guests, signings, panels, and exhibitors. There was plenty to do but sadly not too many attendees. My table mate Rel said it best when she pointed out the large number of Exhibitors browsing the tables-- a sure sign of a slow con. The people who did attend seemed to have fun, though.

Photos taken from the NJCE Facebook Page. That's me in the yellow. Overall, I'm glad I went because it pushed me to start producing merch and made me purchase the banners and display stands I will need for future cons. But I wouldn't go back to this one. Its focus seemed more on the Big 2, and I'm really more indie and small press.