Seven Chances Comic

Am retelling my favorite silent film as a 32 page comic. Seven Chances stars Buster Keaton, a shy young man who discovers he will inherit a large sum of money if he can get married by 7:00 pm that say. It's a hilarious gem of silent era comedy, ending in a monumental chase scene featuring a horde of stampeding brides. You can see the whole film here on YouTube.

My remake will incorporate some of the elements of the original, as well as a few twists to modernize the story and make it my own. The biggest change is the two main characters are both girls who want to get married, because hey, now we can. 

These are a few WIP sketches showing character development and the cover image. I'm about 50% done penciling and have already started inking a few pages. Follow along at the project Tumblr page at!