Seven Chances is now One Lucky Bride

My comic adaptation of Buster Keaton's Seven Chances is coming along nicely. I've renamed it One Lucky Bride- for one thing, while I take cues from the original, this comic is a separate creative work entirely. And second, I removed the part in the story where the hero gets just "seven chances" to propose to women. Finally, there's multiple interpretations as to who the "lucky bride" is... could it be Sara, the heiress to a vast fortune provided she gets married this very evening? Or Daysha, the girl next door for whom Sara has held a torch for years? Or one of the women responding to the mass announcement? 

So far I've only got 6 pages done, with a planned 32 page count. The story takes place in Portland, OR, where I lived for a year in 2014-15. Already I've begun incorporating city landmarks like the streetcar and a World's Fair landmark-turned-apartment building. 

The coloring is proving to be a challenge, admittedly of my own making. I want to adjust the palette for indoor vs. outdoor scenes and other atmospheric effects, something I've never successfully done before. I need to watch to keep values consistent so it won't look like, for example, a character changed their shirt before going outside. Or someone suddenly got their hair dyed between one panel and another.

See the two images on the right for an example of indoor (top image) and outdoor palette as it changes the colors on Sara's outfit. Its little things like that- stuff an audience might not notice, but keep me biting my nails.