Jersey City

 Ms Marvel herself, Kamala Khan

Ms Marvel herself, Kamala Khan

We've been in our new apartment for about three weeks now. Our neck of the woods is part Indian on one side, part Central and South American on another, so the eating is always good. I'm especially happy that I can get my Pony Malta or Postobon at any corner grocery, a real treat that wasn't always available to me in other cities. The Colombian bakeries have pan de bono and other tasty breads that recall fond memories visiting my family.

And hey! Jersey City even has its own superhero, the adorable Ms. Marvel of the Marvel Universe. Browsing through the comics section at the bookstore, I didn't expect to flip through her book and see a panel showing a huge billboard with "JERSEY CITY" written on it. Never before has a comic related so directly to my world. It was my third day in the apartment and, I'll be honest, made me a little more enthusiastic about living here.

My August comic project is a submission for the lesbian anthology Lilies. I was really impressed by the entries for their previous volume, a collection of mini comics focusing on the theme of water. When the call went out for the upcoming volume, with a theme of stars, space, and the night sky, I knew I wanted to contribute! Stargazing is one of my favorite hobbies, so it was fun to come up with a short story that revolves around that. The girls are child versions of the heroines in my other comic, One Lucky Bride. Here's an excerpt:


All you artists out there are welcome to send in your own submissions! The deadline is Sept 25, 2016. I can't wait to see what other people come up with!

That's about all, friends. Thanks for reading!