The Feel of Green

This week I'm submitting a pitch for the Tim'Rous Beastie Comic Anthology. This will be a collection of black-and-white short stories featuring animals living in the world of humans (a la Beatrix Potter, Rats of NIMH, Redwall, etc.)

I was inspired by an article I read about two men, one blind and one without arms, who work together to plant trees. One selects the saplings and plans the holes and the other does the digging and planting. In the article, they stated that when they are together, neither one feels disabled. The example of close friendship touched me... though I wish I could get my hands on that article again!

In my story, it's two pigeons living in Chicago. One is blind but otherwise able to fly. The other is malnourished and crippled, but with sharp eyes. They team up to find a patch of earth, a rarity in the city, to plant a secret stash of grass seeds.

Over the holidays I visited my family in Chicago, and got to ride the "L" downtown. I took plenty of pictures of the stations, and as always was delighted to see the pigeons that roost in the rafters. These guys are so accustomed to city life, they don't even flinch when the trains go rumbling past. Winters are harsh there, and many birds succumb to frostbite. The ones that survive often lose their toes or entire feet. I feel pity when I see those birds hobbling about. They deserve love and cheetos just like the others, maybe even more.