Watercolor Experimentation

Since 2014 I've used the same small pan of travel watercolors. I adore how compact it is along with my waterbrush, which means I can take it anywhere. But 12 colors is a bit limiting sometimes. Recently I bought a 36 set from Blick and am learning to use it. I thought the paints were good quality, but now I'm not so sure. I have to really work the paint with my brush in order to get any color out of the pan. But I don't know what quality paints are supposed to feel like. So I make do with what I've got.

The newest series I'm working on is pop stars, namely Beyonce. I love her music videos and her varied outfits. It's amazing how different the same person can look depending on their hair and makeup.

Here I've done Bey from her songs, Hold Up, Formation, and Run the World. I love listening to her music while I work, so this was extra fun to do. Each piece is 5x7 on watercolor paper.