VanCAF 2017

I’ve been meaning to tell you about my time at VanCAF, the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival. This took place back in May 2017. For months prior, I was gathering my stuff and worrying about the customs procedure in flying from the US to Canada. 

At Vancouver, I met up with my brother who lives in Seattle. The day of the con we hauled my stuff a few short blocks to the Roundhouse Community Center. The venue was spacious and beautifully designed. I got my table in the gym set up in no time.

Through the weekend, there was a steady stream of people passing through. It was obvious people were really excited to be there, and everyone was a fan of small press and independent comics. I had my stickers and comic One Lucky Bride for sale, as well as the LGBT anthology Lilies Vol. 2, where I have a little story included. Sales were all in Canadian dollars, but I forgot to get loonies! Thankfully my brother was able to run to a bank and break a $20 CAN for me.

One of the only things I purchased was a nice print by @JoanChao ( about working hard, as you can see in the 3rd image below.

After the con, we took a ferry to Granville Island. Beautiful peaceful place! Unfortunately the only photos I took were of seagulls and crows dumpster diving. They kept ripping open the garbage bags to get the fries inside. Such clever birds!

Vancouver really impressed me with its natural beauty. I caught glimpses of its mountain, and was surrounded by more green than I’ve seen in a while. There are recycling stations but everywhere, and the city itself (least the area I was in) positively shimmered with cleanliness. When I got home to Jersey, the difference really hit me.

I would definitely be interested in doing VanCAF again, but might like to alternate it with other Canada shows like TCAF.