Comic - Prairie Chicken's Bg Move

The prairie chicken is not a chicken at all, but rather a grouse type thing whose claim to fame is its distinctive "booming" call and its MC Hammer like mating dance. They are seriously endangered in the state of Illinois and there is a conservation effort to relocate birds from Kansas to Illinois to help the population. This comic describes the conservation process and is my first mini comic, created after a visit to Prairie Ridge State Natural Area in Newton, IL.

When politicians attacked the restoration efforts of the prairie chicken, I sent this comic to the park ranger's office in Newton to show my support. Illinois Audubon Society picked it up and has used it for their conservation education outreach.

In fairness, it should be noted that both hunting and agricultural development has played a role in the decline of the PC population, a fact that doesn't come across in the comic. Also, using pancakes to lure in prairie chickens is  only my highly scientific guess.