Comic - Swift Watch

The story of the migrating Vaux's Swifts that crowd into one Portland chimney, and the people who love them. In September 2014, I volunteered for the Portland Audubon Society's Swift Watch outreach efforts. Every Saturday, we set up a table with binoculars, stuffed specimens, and leaflets and talked to the public.

I found there were a lot of questions (and unique interpretations) about this natural phenomena. Some people thought they were bats. Others thought they used the chimney to get into the school and roamed the halls all night. One person asked if the swifts were trained to do it as a stunt. It was really rewarding to answer people's questions and educate them. I like to think that I might have helped some kid get interested in nature, and start to love birds, and want to protect them.

Schools and teachers: If you'd like a hi-res version of this comic to distribute for educational purposes, get in touch with me (juliahut6 at gmail) and I'll send you the files.