Comic - New York City

In late August 2015 I visited New York for the first time. Join me as I bumble my way around the city, visiting sites such as the World Trade Center, Times Square, and Central Park. Will I see all the sights? Was that hot dog really New York-style? 

This mini comic was made with ink on bristol, then scanned and digitally colored. It combines actual sketches I made on-site in New York and all the events are true, with one exception. I actually did turn around and notice the Flatiron Building on the corner of 5th Ave and 23rd street. 

The Critic was an animated show running from 1994-95 following the adventures of a film critic living in New York. I enjoyed it as a grade schooler, and to my mind the opening theme most perfectly describes the vigor and energy of life in the big city. It was a fine series, and I'm sorry it ended so soon.

The original 6 pages are presented here cut up into images of a few panels at a time. I'm trying out a new method to improve readability.