Christmas Activity Handout - "Guess the Carol"

Give your students a break with this holiday-themed game. Guess the name of twenty well-known carols in this downloadable PDF. Answers on page two. (Answers to the above three examples are "Hark the Herald Angels Sing", "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas", and "Santa Baby".)

When I was in grade school, a similar handout was sent home in my backpack. Mom loved it and has used this game in family holiday parties through the years. The original version, dating to the 1980's, has grown speckly and blurry with generations of copies and dittos. Some of the drawings relied on old pop culture references or the drawings were just plain unclear. I'm pleased to offer this updated grayscale version for free to download and distribute. It's my hope this handout will make the rounds and find its way into kid's backpacks the way it did for me and my mom.